100 plus homes plan for village


More than 100 new houses could be built in a village.

A planning application to construct up to 110 homes in Langford has been submitted by Gladman Developments.

The six hectare site, which is currently used as two arable fields, is east of Station Road, next to the railway line.

The application states: “The overall vision for the site is to provide a distinctive and high quality place, which enhances the qualities and character of Langford.

“Rather than attempt to imitate existing built development, the design is informed and inspired by the character and detail found within the historic elements of Langford, local villages and the surrounding landscape.”

The houses would consist of a mixture of two to five bedroom properties with a range of house types from terraced to detached.

Entry to the estate would be from two points off Station Road.

Affordable housing, which would total 35 per cent of the homes, would be spread around the estate rather than being put together in a block. A children’s playground would be created.

The application continues: “The site is sustainably located with easy access to existing community amenities and the local public transport network.

“It is a logical housing site with existing residential development to the south and west and north-west.

“It can be safely accessed via Station Road with pedestrian links to the surrounding area.”

It says that the development would have only a “limited” impact on wildlife habitats. There would be a “habitat corridor.”

There would be 220 car parking spaces on plots to the back or side of the houses and in bays along the road.

Writing on the Chronicle’s Facebook page, Langford resident, Claire Boyd, said: “It’s a bad idea and no one wants them! I for one aren’t that fussed but I don’t think it should go ahead. Residents are still in uproar over the windmills!”

And Ray Dart wrote: “This will create another enclave of houses dependent upon the motor car – very environmentally sound!”

To see the plans and to leave a comment for the planning officers go to http://bit.ly/by Thursday, February 20.

What do you think of the proposal? Email letters@biggleswadechronicle.co.uk