20-strong gang out on drinks rampage


A gang of thugs terrorised drinkers when they descended on the town centre on Saturday evening.

A 19-year-old and a 31-year-old were assaulted at the Red Lion pub.

It is understood that the 20 strong group visited several of the town’s watering holes causing unrest and that one even had to close its doors for the evening.

The trouble came to a head when the two unconnected pub goers were headbutted in seemingly unprovoked attacks, causing chipped teeth and a broken nose.

Tim Maddocks, landlord at the Red Lion, said: “All of a sudden I had about 10 blokes and 10 women that were loud and rowdy and trying to drink a lot of Jagerbombs. I was trying to slow them down.

“They were loud and noisy but fine to start with. I didn’t witness this but then a couple of their guys picked on somebody outside and one headbutted him and broke his nose at which point I called the police. Another guy got in the way and was headbutted and got a chipped tooth. It wasn’t pleasant at all.

“I closed the bar at about 11.30pm and tried to get them out. They did leave. I decided to call it a night because I didn’t want it to get out of hand.”

A police spokeman said that an 18-year-old, who gave his address as Lancashire, was arrested after the bouncers at the White Hart refused the gang entry and called the police. He has been bailed pending further enquiries.