Achievement is high at ‘good’ upper school

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Teachers and leaders are ensuring students learn well at an upper school, according to inspectors.

Ofsted visited Samuel Whitbread Academy in Clifton last month and graded it as ‘good’ in all categories.

The school was previously graded as ‘requires improvement.’

The report says: “Attainment at the end of Key Stage Four is improving. After a slight fall in 2012 there has been a strong focus on raising standards of teaching and learning.

“Typically attainment is above average and achievement is good.”

GCSE grades rose last year and are expected to continue to do so this year.

Achievement in the Sixth Form is also good. The report continues: “The vast majority of Sixth Form students are on track to meet their targets. This is because of strong leadership and the outstanding care, guidance and support students receive.”

Teaching is good and sometimes outstanding, particularly in English and mathematics.

Students behave in a “calm and respectful” way.

Leadership is good, leading to better teaching.

To improve further some low attaining students need to be challenged more in their work.