Air raid shelter found beneath garden flowers


Digging in the garden led to a more interesting discovery than old bulbs for one man.

Simon Cole, who lives on Langford Road between Henlow and Langford, was gardening when his spade hit what he believes to be a Second World War air raid shelter.

Simon said: “I bought the house about two years ago and the garden was overgrown. I decided to move a raised flower bed and underneath it was a great concrete slab. I attacked it with a sledge hammer and discovered it was hollow.”

A member of the Reserved Forces, Simon understands the discovery to be an air raid shelter from the 1939 to 1945 war. He is currently seeking confirmation from historical sources.

The house was built in the 1930s so the presence of an air raid shelter would time well with this.

Simon has also unearthed steps leading into the shelter.

Made of brick and concrete, it is more heavy duty than many air raid shelters.

A different type of shelter, which was popular during the war, was the corrugated steel Anderson shelter.

There was also a smaller shelter that could be used inside the home called a Morrison shelter. This was a steel table that people could stay under during a raid.