Another skatepark is rusting internally

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Another skatepark is becoming a danger to its users – but repairs are imminent.

Potton’s facility is the latest to have been marked down in an inspection.

The skatepark was built by GBH, who also constructed Sandy and Biggleswade’s skateparks.

Sandy Skatepark was found to be dangerous and was immediately dismantled in July and Biggleswade Skatepark was subjected to emergency repairs later in the month.

Speaking at a meeting of Potton Town Council on Tuesday evening, Councillor Alan Leggatt, who is the council’s chairman, said: “The inspector has found various problems with it which need to be repaired fairly quickly.

“The inspectors are the people who were brought in to repair Biggleswade after the problems at Sandy.”

Potton Skatepark has been regularly maintained over the years and was last touched up a year ago but the current problem has been caused by internal rusting.

The facility is located in the Henry Smith Playing Fields by Brook End and Bury Hill.

It has four and five foot ramps, a six foot quarter ramp, jumper box rails and a flat bank.

The skatepark was used for a skating competition during this year’s Party on Potton.

The council discussed the cost of repairs.

Town clerk, Val Moles, said: “Some of the ramps were considered a danger. We clearly need to get this done or lose our skatepark.

“It has not reached that stage yet but it will do because it’s rusting through.”

Councillors agreed that it is essential to do something about the situation, even though this will probably mean that their budget is overspent.

Mr Leggatt said: “If we need to extend the life of our skatepark it’s got to be done.”

Mrs Moles added: “It may be that we do go quite a lot over budget this year because we seem to have had a huge amount of repairs on play equipment.”

A quote for £3,500 for the necessary repairs has been received.

Further quotes will now be sought by the town council and funding sources will be considered.

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