Art exhibition in Sandy

Artwork by Bridget Marsh
Artwork by Bridget Marsh

Coffee lovers can enjoy a painter’s artwork while sipping their favourite beverages.

Bridget Marsh will put on an exhibition of her work at Mama’s Coffee Shop in Sandy next month.

The cafe has a permanent ‘gallery’ around its walls with the art or photography changing on a monthly basis.

Bridget’s chosen paintings all feature faces. She said: “I really enjoy painting faces; pleasing ones at that.

“My aim has never been to try and create a Rembrandt or any masterpiece. It is to see who emerges from the canvas I’ve been painting.

“I am always surprised by this because I never really plan what they are going to look like. I just let them create themselves.

“It’s like they just reveal themselves as they go along; a personality emerges.”

Bridget, of Biggleswade, names the early 20th century Italian painter and sculptor, Amedeo Modigliani, as her greatest inspiration. His paintings are recognised for the subject’s elongated necks.

She also likes to include a message in her works in the form of inspiring words and quotes.

Bridget was born in Zimbabwe and she also spent several years living in South Africa. She fell in love with the South African trend for fabric painting in the 1980s and then with the craft scene in general.

The artist and her family moved to the UK in 2002 and in 2009 she gave up her job to become a full time student, taking a foundation art and design diploma and then finishing a degree in graphic design last year. Bridget sold three paintings whilst at college. This encouraged her to exhibit her works and she has since sold more of her art.

Bridget now uses a wide range of styles including using acrylics, found objects, graphite and newspapers, and practises stamping and collaging techniques.