Battered by gang of thugs


Robbers punched and kicked a man unconsciousness after he refused to give them his mobile phone.

The victim was at the far end of Potton Road in Biggleswade near the Maythorns estate when his attackers struck at 7.20am on Tuesday, April 1.

He was waiting for a friend to pick him up for work and playing on his phone when a man approached and grabbed the phone. When the victim refused to relinquish it he was punched into a fence by the robber and two other men.

The victim said: “I threw my phone into the field and I thought I could get it back later. Then I got a barrage of punches. I got knocked to the floor and they started kicking me. I must have lost consciousness for a little while.

“They actually stepped on my head; there were footprints on my head. It started as a robbery but then they were just having fun.

“When I came to I couldn’t get up and I started screaming ‘help.’ A lady stopped her car and confronted them. There was a lot of shouting and I heard a loud bang. They started to punch her windscreen.”

The three white men in their 20s then took the victim’s bag and ran off in the direction of Devon Drive before escaping in a red Vauxhall Corsa.

The victim was left with a black eye, a haemorrhaged eye and cuts and bruises. His young children are very shaken by the incident.

Five men have been arrested and bailed. Call the police on 101 with any information.