: Birthday

Betty Constant Happy 90th Birthday on 8th September Our Mum Our Mum is one in a million In fact, she's one of a kind No other Mum can touch her She leaves the rest behind. Although she's turning ninety She looks about seventy two She's slower than she used to be But then, so wouldn't you? She's a little hard of hearing No doubt you'll hear her say Come sit on the other side of me It's no good sitting that way. It's got a little worse of late And she can't hear her phone We tried five times the other day And thought she wasn't home. But now, they've sorted that all out No, not with pills and things She's got a little gadget That vibrates when it rings. She's a bit of a party animal When the disco starts to play Put on the Macarena Then watch our mother sway. She's Mum to five grown children And thirteen grandkids too Great Nan to another seventeen And maybe fore are due. She's loved by every one of us Her heart is purest gold To us, she's Mum, or Nan, or Aunt To us, she isn't old. She's kind, caring and gentle And Angel and friend to some But to us, She's God's greatest creation Our beautiful, wonderful Mum

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