Boost for Green Wheel project

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Plans to create a Green Wheel around Biggleswade have been given a major boost.

The Bedfordshire Rural Communities Charity (BRCC) is teaming up with Biggleswade Town Council and Central Beds Council to install the new footpath around the town.

The three organisations can now use a £65,000 grant they have been given to make the project a reality.

Funding has come from payments that firms building developments in the area are obliged to provide to offset the effects on the community.

It will pay for a package of works around the Green Wheel route.

This will include surfacing sections of pathway, installing benches, information boards and signs and planting trees, shrubs and bulbs. Although the larger scale works will be undertaken by contractors, there will also be volunteering opportunities.

Most of the voluntary work will take place over the next two winters, and volunteers can assist with tree, shrub and bulb planting, as well as looking after sections of the wheel.

Cliff Andrews from the BRCC said: “We are really pleased to have received this additional funding and look forward to working with others to create a great asset for Biggleswade.

“Giving the community opportunities to help create and look after the Green Wheel, as well as use it will lead to a sense of ownership and greater levels of health, fitness and enjoyment.”

For more information contact the BRCC on 01234 832617 or 832618 or or