Bricklayers to finish as a pile of rubble?

The Bricklayers Arms when open
The Bricklayers Arms when open

A former pub has probably seen its last ever customer come through the door.

A planning application has been submitted to demolish the Bricklayers Arms in Potton. The watering hole is currently empty but it has been in operation in recent years.

The application was submitted by Brown and Gammons, an MG car specialist in Baldock.

But the company states that the aim is to replace the two storey public house and garden with residential dwellings. The new homes would require further planning permission.

Amongst the Chronicle’s Facebook readers there was a split opinion about whether the pub should be reopened, either as it is or in a different form, or demolished to rid the area of the eyesore of an empty building.

Wendy Chamberlain wrote: “It would be nice to see it improved or refurbished to an establishment that could be used by the community again.

“It is part of our Potton history and a landmark in the village. It will be sad to see it replaced with more houses and to lose another green space.”

But Sarah Pauling said: “It’s about time they did something with it. It’s just rotting away!”

And Jenny Hodge added: “I agree to get rid! It’s been in and out of use for a few years now. Houses are always needed and Potton has enough pubs!”

The pub is first mentioned in historical documents as the Star and Garter in 1872. By 1900 it had become the Bricklayers Arms, although the date of the change is not known.

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