Brown jailed for threatening revenge


A man from Sandy twice threatened a woman after an earlier incident with her had landed him in court.

Christopher Brown, 32, of Park Road, turned up at the shop in Sandy where she worked and accosted her in the presence of her children as she took them to school.

Mr Brown appeared for sentence after admitting two offences of threatening to take revenge.

Brown had found himself in front of magistrates in February for assualting the woman.

Then on May 2, despite the fact he had been told he should not go to the shop in Sandy where the woman worked, he did precisely that, and launched into a tirade of foul-mouthed abuse at her.

Telling her she had cost him £400 in court, he even threatened to “knock her f****** teeth down her throat” as he was escorted off the premises.

On May 20 he came up to her in the street as she took her children to school, telling her “I am going to have you. You cost me £600 in court.”

He was even waiting for her when she got home and she was fearful for her safety said the prosecutor, who said Brown had been drinking.

Judge David Farrell QC jailed Brown for 16 months and told him he would also be the subject of a restraining order to not have any contact with the woman.

The judge said he hoped Brown would use his time in prison to “dry out” and deal with mental health issues.