Business works with football association


A Chronicle Country business will be working with a potential World Cup football team.

Training company Clarity4D, which is based in Potton, has won a contract to work with the Oman Football Association – and it is hoped that the business’ input will help them win a coveted place in the World Cup finals in Qatar in 2022.

Clarity4D has a personality profiling system which uses colour to explain personality.

The Oman Football Association is looking to the training to improve leadership, teamwork, communication and motivation.

Judy Oliver, managing director of Clarity4D, said: “Poorly performing teams who don’t communicate effectively can end up like the current Manchester United team – demotivated.

“Strategic planning and good leadership are key skills for any team and understanding the interaction of different personalities can make a difference between winners and losers, whether in a commercial company or a football team.”

Oman is in southwest Asia. The national football team has never qualified for the World Cup, although it has qualified for the Asian Cup three times.

The team failed to qualify for this year’s World Cup after losing out to the team from Jordan.

By using the Clarity4D profile the footballers will learn to understand themselves better and more importantly to adapt their communication style to meet the needs of other players and team members, enabling them to work more effectively as a team and improve their results.

Judy added: “The individual’s profiles are now available in Arabic and the Omani Football Association is the first national football team to use this innovative approach to team building.

“We hope to work with more football teams around the world in future; who knows, perhaps starting with Manchester United?”

Clarity4D already has an impressive client list, which includes BP, the NHS, Hotel Chocolat and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

The company has clients who speak in four languages, based in 27 countries.