Training at work as an apprentice

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STARTING an apprenticeship is a popular way to learn knowledge and skills while on the job.

This week is National Apprenticeship Week, highlighting the often ideal way for young people to start their working lives. The aim of the week is to raise the profile of apprenticeships amongst employers, individuals, parents and the media.

Two of the many apprentices working in Chronicle Country are 21-year-olds Ashley Cardinal and Lee Makwell, who spend their days at the Hare and Hounds in Old Warden.

Owner and head chef, Jago Hurt, believes that apprenticeships are good for both parties. He said: “It’s good for me to get young people in and get them trained and I think they are better in the workplace than in college. They can learn hands on with the trade and it’s quicker. Ashley and Lee have both got the right attitude to work. They are two of the best young lads I’ve come across in 10 years here.”

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