Callous thieves snatch flowers from graveside


Heartless thieves have snatched a floral arrangement from a grave.

Bereaved Jean Parr says she was horrified to discover the floral tribute missing from the cemetery where both her daughter and husband are buried.

Jean, who lives in Sandy, makes regular trips to the Stratton Way Cemetery in Biggleswade to tend to the graves.

She said: “I reported it to the town council and they said there’s nothing they could do but that I could report it to the police. But I think the police have got better things to do than look for flowers.

“It’s the principle of it more than anything, and I hope that whoever did it will see this and think ‘I shouldn’t have done that’. It’s so disrespectful and it’s hurtful for the people left behind.”

Jean has already had to replace the headstone that marked her daughter’s resting place after it was vandalised.

This is the second time items have been taken from the cemetery within weeks.

Widow Marilyn Buck also had items stolen from the grave of her late husband John.

That time the thieves took small ornaments, some of which had been bought by her grandchildren .