Charity Q&A

Grace and her father
Grace and her father

I am: Grace Mooney, six, of Spencer Close in Potton

Local connections: I go to Everton Lower School and I’m a Rainbow at 1st Potton Rainbows

What’s the event: I’m going to walk 5k through London on Sunday (July 20) with my mummy, daddy, baby sister, grandma and papa to try to raise some money for the Fire Fighters Charity. I watched my daddy running this two years ago and it looked like a lot of fun so I want to have a go. If you could please sponsor me £2 lots of other people might see your donation and think they might sponsor me too!

Where? Starting at Southwark Park in London, the route is through the Rotherhithe Tunnel, past the towers at Canary Wharf and finishing in Billingsgate Market.

Give details about what the event entails: On September 11 2001 somebody flew an aeroplane into the Twin Towers in New York. A fire fighter called Stephen was on his way home after work but saw what had happened, put his fire kit on and went back to see if he could help. The traffic was really bad so he left his truck at the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and ran from the tunnel to the towers. He was killed that day trying to help people so his friends and family made a special race covering the same distance to remember him and the other 343 Fire Fighters who died. 2014 will be the second London Tunnel to Towers run and I want to help by doing my walk.

Why have you chosen the cause? My daddy is a fire fighter and my mummy works at the control house where they look after the fire fighters and tell them what to do. Being a fire fighter is a dangerous job and sometimes the fire fighters get hurt. The Fire Fighters Charity looks after hurt and sick fire fighters and helps them and their families.

Do you have a financial target? It would be amazing if I could raise £100.

Are you doing any preparations for this event? Practicing walking with my backpack on!

How can people support you? My JustGiving page is or you can text GMTT99 £2 to 70070. Thanks!