Chinese New Year at Maple Tree Lower School

Schoolchildren enjoyed all things Chinese in celebration of the country’s new year.

Pupils at Maple Tree Lower School enjoyed a range of different activities, with the whole school taking part.

Maple Tree Lower School

Maple Tree Lower School

Senior teacher Alison Hyndman said: “They chose three activities to do throughout the day and they were able to visit other classrooms to do them.

“This gave the children the opportunity to work with other children of a variety of ages and the older children were very supportive of the younger ones.

“The activities involved cooking, making money purses by sewing, dragon junk modelling, firework art, lantern making, dancing and Chinese writing.”

An assembly rounded off the day, with the theme being the school’s current value, unity. Teachers emphasised how everyone worked together throughout the day.

The children were also able to show the results of their activities to the rest of the school.

Mrs Hyndman added: “The children really enjoyed the variety of activities throughout the day and it will definitely be something that we will do again in the future.”