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Mega machine mayhem in Transformers: Age Of Extinction

Alan Dee’s film preview: Another truckload of Transformers tosh video

Oh, if only we could be sure that the title was a guarantee – this week’s big blockbuster release is Transformers: Age of Extinction, and we can only hope they will keep their word.


Alan Dee: Town Centre Dead Pool is worth another run around the block

Ireckon the time is right to give Town Centre Dead Pool another go, don’t you?


Robotic heroes in Transformers franchise are starting to creak

Transformers: Age of Extinction is an adventure 65 million years in the making – and one that feels almost that long to watch.

Tree planting in Shefford.

Shefford mayor Paul Mackin: Volunteers in our community

When I look at my community I find it amazing that so many groups, jobs and events rely entirely on people volunteering their time, skill and resources.

Scarlett Johansson in Under The Skin

Geoff Cox’s DVDs: Under The Skin, Escape From Planet Earth, Gimme Shelter

Scarlett Johansson is truly mesmerising as an alien taking on the form of a dead womand seducing local men in Scotland in UNDER THE SKIN (15: Studio Canal).

Melissa McCarthy in Tammy

Alan Dee’s film preview: Melissa hits the road with gran in tow

Brace yourselves, there’s another blockbuster Transformers movie out next week.


Alan Dee: If you just fast forward, the ad breaks will get even longer

Apparently it’s aknowledged by the creative cabals in charge of the advertising industry that the traditional TV spot is in the toilet.

Jon Favreau chalks up the daily specials in Chef

Matt Adcock’s film review: Chef is a tasty little morsel with a nourishing message

“I get to touch people’s lives with what I do and I love it and I want to share this with you.”

Geoff Cox’s DVDs: The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Book Thief

Here’s a weird and wonderful crime story set in a hotel that you’ll want to revisit again and again.

Jon Favreau stars in Chef

Alan Dee’s film preview: Chef is a streetfood snack, Walking On Sunshine is a cheery cocktail video

Everyone loves cooking shows – Masterchef, Come Dine With Me, Ready Steady Cook. So why not a cooking movie?


Alan Dee: A cable conundrum that threatens to strangle us all

I call them marshmallow jobs – the sort of tasks that you think won’t take long and will give you some simple domestic satisfaction, but instead turn out to leave you feeling decidedly queasy after only a few minutes, and anxious to quit. You know, like you think a packet of marshmallows is going to be delicious but after just a couple you feel quite sick. No? Just me, then?

Liam Neeson in Non-Stop

Geoff Cox’s DVDs: Non-Stop, Ride Along, The Pretty One, 13 Sins

Liam Neeson has found a niche with leading roles in solid, workmanlike thrillers. There’s the usual non-stop action in, erm, NON-STOP (12: Studio Canal) in which he’s a veteran air marshal on a flight from New York to London.

Amber Heard and Kevin Costner in 3 Days To Kill

Matt Adcock’s film review: 3 Days To Kill can be Taken as another ‘dangerous dad’ thriller

“My job is to hunt terrorists. I don’t negotiate. Within three days, I will find you. You can start counting.”

The Fault In Our Stars

Alan Dee’s film preview: The kid’s aren’t all right, but Kev’s flexing his muscles

This week’s big new release is a boy meets girl story with a tearjerking twist – the twee twosome fall for each other at a cancer support group, so you know the changes of happy ever after are somewhat slim.


Alan Dee: Setting the record straight if we’re bowing down to our dads

Attention, world. On behalf of fathers everywhere, it’s time to set the record straight – because if what went down on Sunday is anything to go by, you don’t know us. You don’t know us at all.

The Devil's Knot

Matt Adcock’s film review: True story Devil’s Knot is hard to take, but well worth seeking out

“This crime is unthinkable. What if they did it?” “What if they didn’t?”

Joaquin Phoenix in Her

Geoff Cox’s DVDs: Her, As I Lay Dying, Knocked For Six

For lovers of oddball films like Being John Malkovich and Adaptation, look no further than sci-fi drama HER (15: Entertainment In Video).


Alan Dee’s film preview: It didn’t take 12 years to find another movie-friendly slavery story video

After the critical and commercial success of 12 Years A Slave, it’s no surprise that Hollywood has been looking to serve up other stories with similar ingredients.


Alan Dee: All set for a samba-soaked celebration of soccer? Answer these questions first...

As football’s global showcase finally cranks into action, here are a few questions to ask yourself if you’re worried that you are being taken in once again by what’s billed as a samba-soaked celebration of s0ccer but is, as we all secretly suspect, nothing more than a slick machine for milking passion and, more importantly, money from mugs all around the world.

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