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The Order is much like one of its Jekyll and Hyde lycans PNL-150224-122218001

Console Corner: The Order: 1886 review

A Time Crisis for PS4’s much-hyped exclusive?


Geoff Cox’s DVDs: Nightcrawler, The Imitation Game, The Hundred-Foot Journey

A cynical petty crook is inspired when he sees a freelance camera crew and decides to go into business filming crime scenes and accidents in NIGHTCRAWLER (15: Entertainment One).


Matt Adcock at the cinema: Blackhat review

Hackers, eh? A very current threat, writes Matt Adcock.

Mr Turner

Geoff Cox’s DVD reviews: Mr Turner; This Is Where I Leave You; Serena; Love, Rosie

Mike Leigh’s biopic of British artist J.M.W. Turner is a beautifully drawn portrait and some might even consider it his best film to date.

Fifty Shades Of Grey

Matt Adcock at the cinema: Fifty Shades Of Grey review

The worldwide mass selling, morally vapid cultural phenomenon about a messed up abusive relationship makes the jump from ropey novel to money-spinning movie.

The Order: 1886 promises to be one of the biggest games of the year

Console Corner: Sony shares the gaming love

Sony is sharing the love this Valentine’s weekend by unlocking the PlayStation 4’s multiplayer capabilities, allowing for free and unlimited online play.

Fury crew

Geoff Cox’s DVDs: Fury, Effie Gray, The Calling, Annabelle

Brad Pitt is on towering form in heart-pounding drama FURY (15: Sony) about the crew of a tank rolling through Germany in the brutal dying days of the Second World War.

Jupiter Ascending

Matt Adcock at the cinema: Jupiter Ascending review

Dear earthling reader, you probably don’t realise this but your whole existence is due to wealthy aliens who are ‘farming’ us in order to use our bodies as the ingredients for a valuable life-bestowing elixir, writes Matt Adcock.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Geoff Cox’s DVDs: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Book Of Life, The Babadook

It’s half term next week so not surprisingly DVD distributors have scheduled their new releases with young audiences in mind. First up is the awesome foursome’s return in TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (12: Paramount).

Joaquin Phoenix in Inherent Vice

Matt Adcock at the cinema: Inherent Vice review

Welcome to Inherent Vice, an insanely over-the-top thrill ride trip that takes Thomas Pynchon’s head spin of a novel and writes it larger than life on the big screen thanks to the full creative genius of director Paul Thomas Anderson, writes Matt Adcock.

The Maze Runner

Geoff Cox’s DVD reviews: The Maze Runner, The Best Of Me, Enemy, If I Stay

Just like The Hunger Games, THE MAZE RUNNER (12: Twentieth Century Fox) ticks all the right boxes for teenagers raised on a steady diet of reality game shows who might also wonder what life would be like without high-speed global communications.

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