Shefford mayor Paul Mackin: Volunteers in our community

Tree planting in Shefford.

Tree planting in Shefford.

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When I look at my community I find it amazing that so many groups, jobs and events rely entirely on people volunteering their time, skill and resources.

Some people receive a small amount of money for their efforts, such as the retained fire fighters. Some receive some very basic travelling allowances, such as our special constables. Many people do not receive one penny in payment. Think about the organisers and coaches of our children’s football teams. Think about the leaders of scout, guide, brownie and all the other children’s activity groups. All of these people who deal with our future generations work long hours for no pay. A past High Sheriff tried to work out how many hours of voluntary work our communities receive. He gave up when the figures got too large for his calculator. Speaking of High Sheriffs, they are unpaid volunteers as well.

We have a need for some volunteers in Shefford, particularly for our Streetwatch Team. The job is not arduous. The main requirement, apart from a spare hour or so now and again, is that you are able walk around the town.


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