Concerns about online pictures


A parent is concerned about the levels of internet security at her son’s school.

Claire Long said another student at Sandy Upper School accessed gay porn on her son’s laptop.

He said: “Another pupil grabbed my son’s laptop and brought up images of gay porn on the school’s internet. What sort of school allows children to be able to access hard core porn on their system?

“I know teenagers will always try to look at items they are not allowed to see but surely the school should know this and have systems in place to block it.”

A spokesman for the school said: “We met with the parent concerned on the day of the incident and gave her directions to all of the policies she requested. An investigation was carried out during the day and sanctions were imposed on the students concerned.

“A senior member of staff then made a call to the parent assuring her that while the images were inappropriate in a school context, they were not pornographic.

“It is clear that our internet filters have been effective in blocking the search for pornography.”