Council tax support for needy to continue

Pound coins
Pound coins

A tax support scheme will continue to support people in need.

South Cambs District Councillors has confirmed that the council will continue to have a council tax support scheme to help people in need to pay the tax.

The localised scheme was introduced last year after the government passed on the responsibility for administering it to local councils while also cutting the money provided to pay the benefit by around £1 million.

In the next financial year South Cambs’ District Council’s scheme will continue to see the same amount of help given to claimants, including continued protection for pensioners, those with disabilities, their careers and single parents with children under five.

In the current financial year, to offset the funding reduction, the council removed discounts for people who own an empty or second property in the district.

A 50 per cent council tax premium is also now charged on properties that remain empty for two years.

The number of people claiming the support has fallen over the last 12 months, indicating that more people have been able to find work.