Couple’s marriage still in perfect health!

MBCH-29-10-12-Bill & Georgina Cutler Diamond Wedding. Stotfold.
MBCH-29-10-12-Bill & Georgina Cutler Diamond Wedding. Stotfold.

A couple who met at the former Fairfield Hospital celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary on Thursday, November 1.

Bill and Georgina Cutler were introduced at a dance at the former facility in Stotfold, then known as Three Counties Asylum.

They were married less than two years later and have lived in the town for most of their lives since.

The couple, who are both in their eighties hit it off straight away at the event.

They were both working at the hospital at the time.

Bill was an upholsterer while Georgina, who is originally from Ireland worked in nursing. They tied the knot at St Mary’s Church in Stotfold and have strong ties in the town.

They have a son, Gary, one grandchild and a great grandchild.

Bill said: “There was quite a social scene at the hospital for many years and there were regular events for people to enjoy there.

“The dances were very popular and were a great way to meet members of the opposite sex!”

Bill believes there are two secrets behind a long and happy marriage.

He added: “Give and take and never go to bed on an unresolved issue – even if it means arguing until late!”