Craig hopes for a baby charity halo

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A mother has given her husband a heavenly nomination for the invaluable support he gave her when their twins died.

Danni Worley has put Craig Worley, 27, forward for a national Angel Award with the baby charity, Tommy’s.

Danni’s 20 week pregnancy scan in August 2010 showed no sign of complications but a week later she felt a sharp pain in her side.

Craig rushed her to Bedford Hospital and 38 hours later Ethan Jacob was born. An hour later Isaac Elijah entered the world. But both babies died less than half an hour later, cradled in Craig’s arms.

Danni, 28, said: “Craig was frightened, devastated and completely powerless that night. He couldn’t save his boys and he felt like he couldn’t help me. The truth is he may not have been able to save Ethan and Isaac but he saved me.

“In my darkest days Craig is my light. I wouldn’t have come through this the same person without him.”

As well as supporting Danni the youth fitness specialist has also helped other families through his fundraising efforts. He raised more than £1,000 for Tommy’s by cycling 148 miles, even though his arm had only just been removed from a plaster cast.

In April last year Danni fell pregnant again and she later gave birth to Eden.

Danni, of Church Path in Sandy, said: “Our next pregnancy was marred a little by the obvious anxiety but Craig was there every step of the way.

“He was just as terrified as me but he was my rock, not just emotionally but also financially, encouraging me to leave work and concentrate on a beautiful, healthy pregnancy.

“I couldn’t ask for more and yet I couldn’t have done it with less. I’m so very proud of him and eternally grateful for all he has done.”

Tommy’s awards, which are sponsored by Persil Non Bio and Comfort Pure, aim to recognise those that have suffered through a pregnancy complication and the people who helped them.

Nominations are open until December. For more details see