Dilemma over verge parking


Parking on verges and footpaths will be a hot topic at a meeting next week.

Central Beds Council’s proposal to have a council wide ban on verge and footway parking has received three written objections.

These will be discussed by the traffic management committee on Wednesday (January 29).

Although the ban would be Central Beds wide it would only be enforced in specific roads where signs would be erected.

Central Beds Councillor Nigel Warren is against the proposal.

He wrote: “I appreciate that there is scope for the majority view in each individual road to be taken into account and trust that in practice this proposal will effectively come to nothing.

“I think you will find overwhelming opposition in most roads, including my own.

“I know that Central Beds Council often gets complaints about vehicles blocking pavements to an impassable degree or grass verges getting worn out but I wish to say that the proposal as a whole is utterly preposterous.”

People park partly on pavements so that cars can be left on both sides of the road where there is limited parking without blocking the throughfare, he said.

Another objection stated that town and parish councils should be consulted at the first stage when a road is considered for these signs.

And the final one said that there should not be an exception allowing builders to park on a verge or path when constructing or demolishing a building.

The council’s agenda states that town and parish councils will be fully consulted. It adds: “In roads that have wide footways and drivers regularly park half off the road a prohibition is unlikely to be introduced unless there is strong support from residents.”

At the same meeting councillors will discuss a petition signed by 14 residents of Filland Court and Swansholme Gardens in Sandy, which objects to cars parking on the grassy area in Filland Court.

It says: “We are becoming increasingly concerned at the practice of a few residents and sometimes non-residents who continually insist on parking vehicles on the amenity land.”

The signatories recognise that parking is a problem and ask the council to suggest a solution. But the agenda states that this is not a high priority for highway funding.