“Doctors say my son should not be living in these conditions”

Sian Kier with her son
Sian Kier with her son

A mum has claimed her 10-week-old son has become ill after living in a faulty flat that her housing association will not repair.

Sian Keir, who lives in a Raglan Housing flat in Stotfold, says little Declan has become ill due to the cold in their flat, as the windows will not close.

And the 20-year-old says doctors have advised that he should not be living in the flat, which suffers from freezing temperatures because of the fault.

Sian says she has complained to managers at the housing association – but they have said there is not a serious enough problem for action to be taken.

She claims there are also problems with mould, damp and a faulty boiler at the property in Summerfield Court.

Sian said: “These problems have been going on for weeks. The windows won’t close properly so the freezing cold air comes in and the boiler keeps switching itself off at night, which makes it colder still. It’s become very difficult for Declan and myself to live here.”

But a Raglan Housing spokesman confirmed that the issues have been investigated and that there are no problems with the windows or the boiler, which she said may not have been programmed correctly.

She said: “The damp has been caused by condensation and poor ventilation in the property.

“The windows have been checked and no issues have been found. While we believe the extractor fans are working adequately in the kitchen and bathroom, we are going to service them to ensure they are working as well as they can.”

She added: “Condensation is a problem and we always advise tenants to ventilate rooms and wipe damp surfaces regularly.”