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Vivace Choir
Vivace Choir
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The magic of singing will be the theme of a workshop being held in Arlesey.

The Vivace Choir will be hosting the workshop, led by musical director Robert Bunting, on Saturday, March 18, at Edgeworth House, 121 High Street, Arlesey, SG15 6SX, from 1pm until 5.30pm.

Robert Bunting

Robert Bunting

A choir spokeswoman said: “Activities will be closely matched to your individual needs, including some small-group sessions.”

The workshop will help singers find their vocal range, blend with others in rhythm and timing, learning notes, theory and singing by ear.

Members of the choir, which is based in Arlesey, will take part to provide support and a range of music will be explored, from gospel through Gershwin to some easy bits of Handel’s Messiah.

Robert said: “If you used to enjoy singing with others and feel you’d like to rediscover the magic - or if you already sing and would like to expand your musical horizons - but are not sure where to start, this workshop is for you. Combining a light-hearted approach with a focus on sound technique, it will build your confidence and open the doors to whatever kind of vocal group you are interested in.”

The workshop costs £15 per person, which includes music hire and refreshments. For enquiries, please contact secretary@vivacechoir.co.uk or call 01462 730022 for further information.