Exquisite baked creations at the cakery

Toni Taylor
Toni Taylor

Cakes can be a treat for the eyes as well as the palate –as one new Chronicle Country business is proving.

Biggleswade’s Toni Taylor has launched The Honeybee Cakery from her home in Gemini Lane. She makes a variety of delicious tiered cakes, personalised for special occasions, as well as accompanying cupcakes. Each cake is especially designed to order.

Toni’s creations so far include exquisite wedding cakes and birthday cakes with such themes as Monster High, Disney’s Princess Sofia, a shoe and shoebox, superheroes and a bone cake with puppy cupcakes.

Toni makes the cakes but she is inspired and encouraged by her husband, Frazer.

She said: “I love to bake and I suppose starting the cake business came from baking and decorating cakes for my friends and family.

“I did it quite a lot and people gave me such compliments that I started to think about it.”

She briefly launched a cake making business in Nottinghamshire, with great success, before she moved to Biggleswade two years ago.

And now that her daughter is at pre-school she has decided it will be an excellent time to start again.

The former make-up artist uses her creative talents to refine her decorations.

Toni said: “Working on a cake lets me express my artistic ability. That makes me enjoy doing really bespoke cakes.

“Making figures out of sugar or chocolate is part of the fun. One of the biggest things is seeing people’s expressions when they see the cake!”

She recently entered a baking competition with her Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cake. Charlie and Willy Wonka were pictured on the cake standing outside a fairly simple chocolate factory – but on the other side there was a whirlwind of imaginative designs with characters and treats from the book.

The cakes can take anything from a few hours to a few days to make, depending on their complexity.

Sometimes Toni makes several prototypes of a cake’s figures to get them just right for the final version.

But it’s not all about looks. She added: “I only use the freshest, high quality ingredients because I really want them to taste as good as they look. That’s really quite important to me. I’ve tasted other cakes that have looked good but I haven’t been ‘wowed.’”

To find out more about the business visit www.facebook.com/HBCakery

Until Sunday there is a competition to win Valentine’s cupcakes on the page. And all this month Toni is offering a discount whilst the business is starting up.