Garden centre goes all out with delicious pancakes

Shrove Tuesday, more colloquially known as pancake day, is almost upon us.

As a special treat next Tuesday (March 4) Frosts at Willington will be serving up the delicious meals with a tasty one off menu.

Reporter Ellen Frampton

Reporter Ellen Frampton

I visited the garden centre’s restaurant for a sneak preview –including the chance to try my hand at pancake tossing.

Sous-chef Neil Boston took me behind the scenes to make the popular food in the garden centre’s kitchen.

The centre’s most basic pancakes are made remarkably quickly, using a small frying pan.

Spooning just a little batter into the pan, Neil showed me how to create the perfect thin English style pancake.

The kitchen staff do not flip the pancakes as theatrical stunts, instead preferring to toss them only slightly higher than the frying pan to avoid losing half of their concoctions to the floor!

Each pancake is then folded neatly into quarters and carefully placed on a plate before being artistically drizzled with flavouring – in this case Nutella.

As an extra tasty treat Neil placed a neatly cut strawberry by the pancake.

When I sampled the food afterwards in the main cafe area it certainly lived up to expectations!

Pancake lovers with a sweet tooth will have plenty of choice on Tuesday.

Also on the menu are sugar, lemon, chunky raspberry jam, fruits of the forest compote and poached apricots with toasted almonds.

And the chefs have also branched out into savoury pancakes.

Neil gave the Chronicle team his American style pancakes with crispy streaky bacon, whipped butter and maple syrup to try, plus his pancake filled with seafood accompanied by a dill and lemon sauce.

American pancakes, he explained, are much thicker because they contain more baking power to make them rise.

There is also a vegetarian savoury option; trio of sautéed mushrooms with tarragon butter.

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