Learning is fun at Caldecote Lower


These pupils have certainly had an interesting time at school!

Caldecote Lower School has put on several different activities to make learning fun.

Children from Sapphire Class (Year One) visited the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden Aerodrome. The youngsters, who are currently learning about inventors and inventions, were overwhelmed by so many examples of innovation.

They have been learning about inventions of bicycles, cars and aeroplanes so the Shuttleworth Collection was ideal.

As another part of their invention topic the children in Years One and Two were visited by staff from North Herts Museum.

The museum staff were able to show how the telephone has developed over the years and they used a balloon to demonstrate how sound waves travel.

The pupils had the opportunity to learn how to use the Morse Code by making their own buzzers and they then sent short messages.

The visit was a real eye opener for the children in understanding how many inventions we use today have developed over time and they enjoyed the hands on activities.

Meanwhile Year Four children joined forces with Edward Peake Middle School in Biggleswade for a school trip to Olney. They learnt about the life of John Newton, a key figure from the anti-slavery movement.

The children also climbed the 48 spiral steps to the bell tower and rang the bells before the big finale; the release of hundreds of coloured balloons.

Pictures supplied by Caldecote Lower School.