Letters from the brownies


Brownies from the 3rd Biggleswade (Methodist) Brownies have written letters to the Biggleswade Chronicle telling us how wonderful it is to be a brownie.


Dear Editor,

We celebrate the 100th brownie birthday by a brownie boogie doing exciting things. Star quest, day rafting, plant hunt, climbing, archery and marking arts and crafts and fun stuff.

Love from Madeline

Dear Editor,

We have lots of fun at brownies. We make things and play games and sing songs. We celebrated the 100th brownie birthday by dancing and singing to Boogie Fever.

From Isabella


Dear Chronicle Editor,

At Brownies we have been doing lots of exciting things and celebrations like the Queen’s Jubilations, thinking day and many others. We have been doing lots of awesome things like arts and crafts, singing, playing games, planning nights and lots more fun activities to do. We go on brownie pack sleepovers and sleepovers with all the brownie packs. We’ve had a big brownie boogie for every brownie pack. We sing songs called Twenty Years on an Iceberg, Three Little Angels, When I was One. We play games called tadpoles, ladders, fishes in the net, splat and sometimes sleeping lions.

From Ella


Dear Editor,

Hi, I’m Lauren and I am ten years old and I go to the 3rd Biggleswade Brownies on Tuesday evenings. And I am writing to tell you about the fun activities we are planning this year for 100 years of brownies.

Well so far we have had the starquest which was a day full of fun activities including a BBQ, archery, raft building, climbing, cooking craft and lots more. We have also got a sleepover event coming up in June next month again full of fun. In the morning we will be doing crafts, singing songs, playing games and more and in the evening there will be a lot of staying up late and more fun and games.

I hope you liked my letter.

Yours sincerely,



Dear Editor,

We celebrated the 100th brownie birthday by a big brownie boogie and it was flower themed. We also had a star quest day on the 3rd May.

From Olivia


Dear Sir,

We have been having fun at brownies and I really mean it. We have been doing some stuff like rafting, starquest, climbing, archery, camping, sleepover, songs and activities and making stuff.

From Poppy


Dear Editor,

We have been doing very exciting things lately like starquest day. We all went to Boyd Field and did activities like raft building and climbing and archery. At the end we had a BBQ and sang around the campfire. We also have been on brownie sleepovers. We have decorated a jam jar and every time something happy happens we write it downon paper and stick it in our jar.

From Emily

Dear Editor,

At brownies we have been celebrating the big brownie birthday and have made lots of different crafts. Some of the crafts are colouring jam jars, making bracelets and on Easter we done eggs.

From Millie


Dear Editor,

Hi I’m Grace. Brownies have been making happy thoughts jars and we have been on walks. We have had a cow day this year and we made butter and we tasted all different chocolates. We have had a great year so far and a penny walk at night.

From Grace

Dear Editor,

Hi I’m Annabel. I am in the 3rd Biggleswade Brownies!

I would like to tell you what stuff we are doing in brownies.

We once took a jam jar in to make a jar what you put the things you liked best in 2014.

One day we also went on a penny walk and we had fish and chips because that is where we stopped!

We have had a time where we tried different food and we also had a time where we made butter.

We play lots and lots of games that are fun. I enjoy all of them.

We do some games in the car park because we share the hall with the guides.

One time we tasted chocolate with all joy in our pockets and we had a quiz to see which chocolate we liked the best.

Best wishes, Annabel


To Sir,

We are the 3rd Biggleswade Brownies. We do at brownies is fun activities, art, games and singing. And we have done the 100th brownies birthday challenge. We are the best brownies in the world. We had star quest day at Henlow. It was very amazing. It was fantastic.

I hope you have liekd this very much. What we do at brownies. And this is my letter.

From Lola-Millie


To Sir,

We are the 3rd Biggleswade Brownies. We do at brownies art marking happy thoughts jars at 100th brownies. We do some dances, we sing songs and we meet up with the other brownies and do stuff with them like learning new hand shakes, playing games and eat new things that we have never tried like sushi.

I hope you like my letter about what we do at brownies.



Dear Sir or Madam,

Brownies is very fun and I would like some new faces in brownies. We do lots of fun things here at brownies like sing songs, play games and recently we have been trying to earn our brownies 100 year badge. To earn it we ahve been doing activities involving a star quest day and lots of little activities.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Yours thankfully, Amelie


Dear Sir,

At brownies we have been doing thoughts jars and we have been doing happy thoughts jars and we have been planning fun nights. One of thoughts night was the big brownie birthday and we went to a centre to have a party and we had to learn a dance and it was called the Boogie Fever dance. It was one of the best nights of my life.

From Megan


Dear Newspaper Editor,

I would like to say that brownies this year are 100 and we have been working towards our 100th year brownie badge. To do that we have been completing a lot of fun things! In brownies we play games, do crafts, sing songs, go away on pack holiday and much more.

From Breana from the 3rd Biggleswade Brownies


Dear Newspaper Editor,

I want to tell you how much fun brownies is.

It is so fun because we get to do lots of crafts and games and songs. Right now we are working towards our big brownie birthday. The star quest, a party, trips and crafts. My favourite activities are cooking and crafts and by the way brownies are 100 this year.

From Lauren, 3rd Biggleswade Brownies


Dear Biggleswade Chronicle Editor,

At brownies we have celebrated the 100th birthday of brownies and we made a happy thoughts jar at brownies and we have been doing lots of awesome things like the star quest day at a place in Sandy. There was rock climbing, raft building and archery. I had archery. It’s my favourite thing to do, well my second favourite. I’ve got a hobby outside of brownies.

Yours sincerely, Ciara