Liam’s not afraid to pull his weight!

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Supermarket employee Liam Greenhow could never be accused of not pulling his weight at work.

Liam, who works at Sainsbury’s in Biggleswade will be doing just that – and more – when he pulls a delivery van 120 yards across the store car park on Sunday (October 28).

The 18-year-old, who started work at the store earlier this year will be raising money for Sainsbury’s nominated charity, the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

The idea came about when staff at the store were split into teams and asked to come up with fundraising ideas.

Liam, of Stratton Way, Biggleswade said: “We were thinking of methods of raising money and it seemed like a fun and challenging way.

“I’ve always enjoyed watching The World’s Strongest Man and programmes like that on TV and you often see contestants trying to do similar things.”

Sales assistant Liam has enjoyed weight-lifting and keeping fit for as long as he can remember. But he has been getting plenty of practice all the same.

He added: “I have weights at home that I use quite often.

“But you can only really practise for something like this with another vehicle.

“My friend has a Peugeot hatchback so I’ve been pulling that short distances in preparation for Sunday!”

Liam, who will be using a harness and a rope will be watched by colleagues and shoppers alike.

He said: “There will be people collecting cash in buckets so hopefully we can raise a good amount.

“We will start at 4.30pm, half-an-hour after the store closes.

“When you get started it’s not normally too hard but the end can be – your legs are so tired when you get to the final stretch.”

Staff from Paralympics sponsors Sainsbury’s donated a selection of London 2012 merchandise to Ivel School in Biggleswade, including bunting, hats, sweets and toys earlier this month.

Customers at the store also donated generously to the company’s Million Meal Appeal, which helps to fight poverty in the UK.