Little Leonardo joins Otter Class

Northill Lower School

Northill Lower School

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There have been some strange noises in the corner of Otter class at Northill Lower School recently – thanks to the newest member of the class!

As part of the KS1 Science work into life cycles, the children were lucky enough to look after a dozen eggs in an incubator. They followed the progress and counted down the days on a chart – but nothing happened. Class teacher Mrs Hopewell said “we were starting to worry that none of them would hatch – the children checked every playtime but we couldn’t see any eggs move or crack at all.”

The children sang to the eggs at the end of last week – choosing ‘Old McDonald’ and ‘Easter Time, everything’s bursting with life’ to hopefully inspire the eggs and to everyone’s delight one sticky baby chick, a Perkin Bantam, hatched on Sunday.

“He’s fluffy and strong but too noisy!” said 6-year-old Felix, and Evelyn, also aged six, added “He’s very friendly, we are very happy one hatched out.”

The children called him Leonardo after the character in a story. He is being lovingly fed and looked after while the remaining eggs are being carefully watched, just in case another miracle happens. The whole school will be sad to see them – and Leonardo – go back to their home during the Whitsun week.

In the meantime the children in Hedgehog class - the school’s reception class - watched butterflies emerge from chrysalis, but they flew away before we could get a photo!