A very good case for getting on with that trace!

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A Chronicle Country firm that helps to find missing people has launched a new website.

Sandy-based Trace Britain now also has an expanded database with millions of entries added to increase customers’ chances of finding who they are looking for.

The firm has the ability to find anyone in the UK, giving users the chance to locate a lost friend or relative, or even a bad debtor.

Trace Britain has been in operation for 10 years and has in the past worked mainly as a private investigator.

The tracing part of the business continues to grow though so the firm has been working hard to develop it.

Paul Newton from Trace Britain said: “The new website and increased database brings us into a new age and means that everyone interested in finding someone has a much better chance of success.

“If you’ve lost touch with some old companions over the years, we could help whisk you back to the old days.”

Chronicle readers can also get 25 per cent off the fee when using the Trace Britain finder service, by using code ‘Chronicle-25-Off.’




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