Bomb squad called to furniture store

The bomb disposal team attend the furniture warehouse

The bomb disposal team attend the furniture warehouse


A bomb disposal team was called in by police to the Preen furniture shop in Biggleswade on Wednesday.

Staff came across what looked like a hand grenade at the store on Shortmead Street.

An area adjacent to the offices at the location had to be cordoned off while experts examined the device and decided whether a controlled explosion would be necessary.

In the event, they declared the grenade an old practice one, and said it was perfectly safe and took it away.

“Initially we thought we might have to evacuate the whole site including our shop but we were advised that this wasn’t necessary and the situation was resolved safely,” said Kathy Lewis, Director of Preen CIC.

“Along with lots of lovely furniture and household goods we do get some interesting items donated for reuse but we’ve not had a hand grenade on site before!

“We’re just glad that there wasn’t any danger and everyone’s safe.

“Our staff are very well trained and they’re always very careful sorting through donations and so knew exactly what to do when they saw the grenade.”

Preen either reinvests its profits into the business or uses them to help local causes.

Most recently, they gave food packs to families with children that receive free school meals during term time, to help with feeding their children over the school holidays.

To donate furniture or household goods for reuse, take them to Preen’s shop or call 08449 934399 to arrange a free collection of bulky items.




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