Getting the vapours is fashionable again!

Paul Keeves

Paul Keeves

Getting the vapours is coming back into fashion – as a new electronic cigarette retailer opens in Chronicle Country.

Vaper Trails in Biggleswade High Street stocks e-cigarettes, kits and everything a smoker needs to help in the battle to quit the habit.

Owner Paul Keeves used to smoke 40 cigarettes a day until he starting smoking with an e-cigarette unit a year ago.

At first Paul, 31, continued to smoke cigarettes but two months ago he quit completely.

He said: “I had been a smoker for a long time but I got to the point recently where I just didn’t need to smoke any longer.

“Some of the juices have high levels of nicotine in them which makes quitting a lot easier – and with the e-cigarettes you don’t get any of the tar or harmful chemicals.”

Paul, of Gamlingay wants to spread the word about e-cigarettes so he decided to open the franchise.

The shop stocks everything a smoker who wants to switch will need and a large variety of e-cigarette juices are available.

Flavours include peach, orange, coconut and spearmint.

Paul sells equipment made by the two major e-cigarette manufacturers, Innokin and Kangertech.

Smokers can also save a lot of money by switching, Paul said.

He added: “Someone who smokes 10 cigarettes a day will most likely be spending around £50 a week.

“If they switch to vaping that can be reduced to around £10 or certainly not much more.

“Our starter kits contain everything that someone will need including a USB cable they can use to charge the e-cigarette through a charger or their computer.”

Although smoking e-cigarettes in public is legal they are banned in some establishments.

Paul said: “Bars and restaurants tend to be fairly relaxed though there are some chains that don’t allow them.

“They could make life more convenient for smokers, more than anything else.

“I was having a drink in the pub with some friends the other night and they were having to go out into the cold to smoke every now and then, while I was sat happily in the warm, vaping away.”

The shop – located by the bridge opposite the Pizza Town takeaway – also has a couch and comfortable seating so customers can come in and try the different juices and kits before they buy.

For more information about Vaper Trails see www.vapertrail.co.uk




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