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Would-be bakers could learn the tricks of the trade at a demonstration event on Monday (February 3).

Jordans Mill hosted the first in a series of monthly baking demonstrations, with red velvet cake the recipe of the day.

Sharon Edwards with the cakes and onlookers.

Sharon Edwards with the cakes and onlookers.

A crowd of spectators gathered around the cafe baking hatch as soux chef Sharon Edwards demonstrated how to make the cake.

Sharon and other chefs at Jordans will be carrying out the demonstrations on the first Monday of the month, with bread-making the subject of the next one.

The idea came about after former BBC Great British Bake Off winner Edd Kimber visited Jordans to put on a similar tutorial last summer.

Toby Frost, business development manager at Jordans, said: “Edd came down for a private demonstration here which went very well, and it got us thinking about running future events for Jordans customers.

“We source local ingredients as far as possible for the food we serve here and the demonstrations are very much about the ‘field to fork’ approach to cooking and sourcing ingredients.”

Visitors who attend the demonstrations are given recipe cards and are welcome to take notes during the displays, as well as trying the finished products.

To give spectators a chance to see how red velvet cake is made but also try it, Sharon made a batch of smaller cakes that she could cook fairly quickly so they would be ready to eat by the end.

She showed customers how to make and apply icing and how to mould the icing. She also talked about the extra decorations that can be added to the top.

Toby added: “The distinct redness of the cake can only really be seen when it is cut into with the larger version, so it made sense to make the smaller cakes that people could try them and also see the colour.

“Hopefully people can go home and try the recipe out for themselves now.”

The next demonstration will take place on Monday, March 3 at 3pm and everyone is welcome.

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