Miracle escape after roof is blown off farm

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A farmer had a lucky escape when the roof of his workshop was blown off – but missed a crowd of people who had gathered nearby.

Alan Day, who runs Mill Bridge Farm in Gamlingay was in the yard with some horses and their riders when the metal roof was forced from the building by a gale-force gust of wind.

It landed on an adjoining barn, only to be lifted back up again, before it came crashing down in a smaller yard at the farm. The wind struck the farm on Thursday afternoon as much of the UK was gripped by stormy conditions and flooding.

Alan, 79, who has run the farm for 40 years said:

“Everyone feels very lucky as it could have landed anywhere and I may not have been here to tell the tale.”

“It was strange as it was literally one gust of wind that seemed to arrive from nowhere.

“We were standing in the yard and then we heard this really loud roaring noise.

“The next thing we knew the roof was up in the air.”

The roof – which covers a workshop containing a variety of tools – was made of box profile metal sheets and measured around 40 ft wide and 20 ft deep.

Alan and some helpers used tools to break up the metal and hope to dispose of it at a scrap yard.

He has covered the roof of the workshop with tarpaulin while he arranges for a new roof to be fitted.

Coincidentally the previous workshop roof was also blown off in the storms of 1987.

Alan added: “This isn’t the first time this has happened.

“The last time a scout group were on site but again nobody was hurt thankfully.”




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