Operation Christmas Child



Kind hearted gift givers donated 8,000 shoeboxes full of presents.

The gifts are being sent to poor children around the world as part of Operation Christmas Child.

The 8,000 shoeboxes from this area were packed into transport cartons at the warehouse in Albone Way in Biggleswade on Saturday, December 7.

Every shoebox was sorted and checked before being added to a carton.

Mollie Ingrey, who helps with Operation Christmas Child, said: “Every box was donated by various churches, schools and other organisations. Without them the job could not be completed every year.

“This year we worked in a warehouse but we have used a barn before when one was not available. We have lots of help from local companies for heating and equipment, again it all helps to the mammoth task, but mostly its the people who fill the boxes with their knitting, toys, and pens, pencils and so on.

“Every child has a cuddly toy, a hat, a toothbrush, soap and flannel.”




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