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Premier Newspapers editorial image

Premier Newspapers editorial image

Shuttleworth College has been praised by Ofsted for ensuring ‘outstanding’ outcomes for young people.

In an Ofsted care standards report published earlier this month the college was determined to be ‘good’ for overall effectiveness and ‘outstanding’ in outcomes and safeguarding. The inspection report was on the Shuttleworth halls of residence for students at the agricultural and land-based learning centre in Old Warden.

Outstanding is defined as ‘a service of exceptional quality that significantly exceeds minimum requirements.’

Shuttleworth was taken over by Bedford College in August 2009 and since then has flourished, taking in more students and benefiting from an investment of more than £5 million in key areas.

Director Mike Johnston said: “We are really very proud to receive such praise from Ofsted, particularly in the areas about outcomes which show that we are preparing young people for the world of work, and in safeguarding meaning they are protected whilst in our care.

“This is fantastic news at the end of very successful year.”

The report points to the involvement of Bedford College and its team: “While clearly maintaining their own identity Shuttleworth students continue to benefit from the integrated management approach led by Bedford College.

“This effectively promotes and supports the student experience.”

The report continues: “Residential students make excellent progress during their stay at Shuttleworth College.

“The experience of living in halls has an outstandingly beneficial impact upon the quality of their academic studies, attendance, health and social development.

“The college is imaginative and resourceful in supporting and enabling residential students to have a meaningful ‘student voice’.”

Ian Pryce, principal and CEO of Bedford College said: “We are delighted that work at our Central Bedfordshire campus has helped to achieve such important improvements, particularly as they are outstanding in outcomes and safeguarding.”

For more information about Shuttleworth College and the courses available to study there, see www.
shuttleworth.ac.uk or contact 01234 291000.




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