Preparation is encouraged as winter sets in



What would you do if a power cut, flooding or severe weather trapped you in your home?

A basic emergency kit, providing basics like fresh water, food, a way to communicate and keep warm would be essential.

That is the message being emphasised by the Beds and Luton Local Resilience Forum (BLLRF), which is responsible for co-ordinating support and relief.

As the winter weather sets in the BLLRF – made up of the emergency services, councils, hospitals, health agencies and voluntary groups – is encouraging householders to prepare in case an emergency occurred.

BLLRF chairman Mike Colbourne said: “If local people are trapped in their homes by severe weather or an industrial accident like a chemical leak, or need to leave quickly because of flooding or a bomb threat the Bedfordshire and Luton Local Resilience Forum is responsible for co-ordinating support and relief.

“It’s quick and easy to create an emergency kit and store it in a waterproof box or bag somewhere to hand when you need it, or easy to move if you have to evacuate your home.”

Emergency kits for the winter should include a foil blanket and first aid kit, warm clothes and sleeping bags, a pocket torch with spare batteries and spare medication.

The BLLRF is also giving readers the chance to win a free emergency kit.

Simply follow @what_would on Twitter, like the BLLRF on Facebook at 
youdoif or see www.bllrf.org.uk/contact




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