Renewed efforts in traffic reversal bid

Hitchin Street in Biggleswade

Hitchin Street in Biggleswade

The campaign for traffic reversal in a road is gathering pace following renewed pressure from a town council.

Biggleswade Town Council is appealing to Central Beds Council to reconsider its request to reverse the flow of traffic in Hitchin Street.

At a meeting on Tuesday last week the council agreed to approach Central Beds again after its traffic management committee essentially delayed making a decision.

The committee met last month but said it would need to wait until a full parking strategy is in place for Biggleswade before it makes a decision on the possible reversal.

But town councillors believe that the committee did not consider their support for the measure at the meeting.

The proposals originally came from the Biggleswade Chamber of Trade and Hitchin Street traders, who presented a petition containing more than 4,000 signatures to members of the committee.

The petition also calls for more parking in the town centre and a long stay car park.

The committee was also asked to consider the proposals for a possible new store and multi-storey car park with more than 200 spaces in Bonds Lane which could be boosted by a possible reversal.

Councillor Madeline Russell, chairman of the town council’s town centre management committee said: “It was disappointing that the town council’s support for the reversal of Hitchin Street was not part of the report that went to the traffic management meeting, nor was the proposed store and car park in Bonds Lane.

“The town council is asking Central Beds to review its processes for the traffic management committee.”

The council agreed to propose that the decision is called in for scrutiny by the Central Beds scrutiny committee on the basis ‘that the decision is unsound.’

It will also propose that traffic in Bonds Lane from Hitchin Street to Foundry Lane is reversed and that the part of the road closest to the market square is pedestrianised. It also wants traffic flows in Mill Lane, Foundry Lane and the eastern part of Bonds Lane to stay the same.




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