Review of the year 2013: April

Jordans Mill

Jordans Mill

A shocking attack in April saw a driver who had just been involved in a collision assaulted and robbed on the side of a busy main road.

The incident took place by the Black Cat roundabout near Roxton, when the victim’s car was hit from behind. But after he got out of the car to discuss the incident, he was punched to the ground by the other driver.

While the paid were involved in a struggle, two men arrived in a second car and stole bags out of the boot of the victim’s BMW. All three offenders fled in the same vehicle.

Just weeks later a second motorist was left in shock after a road rage attack took place, A woman in her 20s was threatened with a jack handle after being forced to stop in the middle of the A1.

April also saw coffee shop chain Harris + Hoole announce that it had abandoned plans to open a branch in Biggleswade, saying the town was ‘not a good match’.

Chronicle readers welcomed the news, voicing concerns that the town already has too many coffee shops already.

And a bereaved family who were completing their war hero father’s memoirs were left shattered after thieves stole his wartime diary and medals.

John Oates had served on the HMS Hurricane and survived after it was torpedoed by German U-boats. He had began writing his memoirs just before he died and his children, Hilary Anderson and Robert Oates had planned to finish the work in his memory.

Jordans Mill opened its new visitor centre tourist attraction in April. The centre celebrates the history of the cereal business, which has been owned by the Jordans family for more than 150 years.

The attraction created around 20 new jobs in its Mill Store, which houses locally sourced products and the Riverside Cafe.




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