Stay safe as you celebrate in the run-up to the festive season say police

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As Bedfordshire Police raises a notional glass of festive cheer to all, the force is also reminding everyone to Stay Safe this Christmas and don’t overdo it!

Policing the county on one of the busiest weekends of the year can be fun when everyone is having a good time, but when the spirit of Christmas takes an alcoholic turn for the worse the consequences can be more sinister.

Chief Inspector Greg Horsford is responsible for policing the towns, pubs and clubs over the festive period and while Bedfordshire Police wants everyone to have fun, it is vital the public Stay Safe whether that is at home or out and about.

He said: “Many of us don’t really indulge during the year as much as we do during the festive season and the consequences can be dire.

“At this time of year sometimes a bit too much of the Christmas Spirit gets in the way of the season of goodwill, arguments turn into fights and judgments get clouded – at home and out with friends.

“We will have extra highly visible police officers on the ground to assist anyone who find themselves in a spot of trouble but ultimately we would like you to share Christmas Day at home with your friends and family, not in a police cell after an argument turns nasty.”

Bedfordshire Police wants to encourage people to Stay Safe by not drinking to excess and take normal common sense precautions. Always consider the drink drive laws while out with friends and driving ‘the day after the night before’ and think about your own personal safety when out and about enjoying yourselves.

Police issue the following advice:

Planning a night out? – make sure you plan how to get home safely as well.

Out with friends? – stay together, stay safe.

Watch what you are drinking – keep an eye on how much and what you are drinking.

Always use a reputable taxi service and never get into a taxi, which has not been ordered by you or is not displaying the hackney licence details.

Don’t forget a good night out deserves remembering, have fun, be safe, hold on to your smile and walk away from any trouble.

Bedfordshire Police will be running Christmas initiatives throughout the festive season in the towns and busy areas throughout the county and together with their partners will crackdown on those being anti-social and keeping an eye out for anyone who has over indulged and needs help.

If you are afraid of violence at home – remember you can contact the police for advice, or action, whichever you prefer. At Christmas, police experience an upturn in the number of calls relating to violence in the home.

They work closely with all a variety of agencies in the public and voluntary sector to help people stay safe in their homes.




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