Woman criticises cemetery over access

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A woman has criticised the operators of a cemetery after she was denied access to a side gate at the site.

Marilyn Buck was angry when she unable to use the side entrance to the cemetery in Stratton Way, Biggleswade.

The 59-year-old, of Back Street went to visit the grave of her late husband John on Sunday, February 10 but the gates were locked.

She said: “I was very disappointed as I have been going to visit my husband every Sunday morning since he passed away three-and-a-half years ago.

“As I live in Back Street it’s a long walk to the main entrance so I have always used the gate at the side.

“It’s well known that a lot of people go to visit the graves of loved ones on Sundays so it seems like a strange time to stop the cemetery from being accessible.”

Mrs Buck says she had to walk for a lot longer than she would normally.

She added: “I was walking for at least another 15 minutes and I was quite tired when I reached the main gates.”

Louise Wilcox, deputy clerk at Biggleswade Town Council, which operates the cemetery said: “The ground at the side entrance had become quite slippery and muddy so we needed to lay down some new paving stones – this was essential to make the entrance safe.

“We did need to lock the gates for a couple of days while this essential maintenance work was done.

“This did include a Sunday but the cemetery is used every day by a lot of people and we would have inconvenienced somebody whichever days we chose.”

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