Workshop was a Big Draw for creative types!

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editorial image

Students designed and built a robot as part of a day of creative activities.

Youngsters from Stratton Upper School in Biggleswade made the automaton as part of the Big Draw, a national event set up by the Campaign for Drawing.

The school’s creative arts team – who wore robot-inspired T-shirts designed and printed by sixth form art students – organised a day of creative activities for Year Nine youngsters.

These included drawing a storyboard for a film scene which they would be taking part in and acting, filming and drawing images inspired by music that they like.

Alongside the drawing students could also take part in activities based on the idea of futuristic, street and modern dancing.

The event was designed to allow students complete freedom to explore and use their imaginations while drawing.

Students were encouraged to discuss their thoughts and work together on the different activities.

Year Nine staff said they were especially pleased to see the whole of the year group working together in an action-packed day.

Teachers could observe the students at work and also asked for their feedback as the activities went on.




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