Lorry traffic leads to safety concerns in Great Barford


The number of lorries travelling through Great Barford has become a ‘ludicrous situation’ according to a Bedford councillor.

Residents have become increasingly worried in recent weeks about the movement of lorries in the village which can start as early as 4am.

Councillor Carole Ellis, who is a resident of Great Barford, said: “It is a ludicrous situation that lorry drivers are travelling through Great Barford instead of using the nearby A421.

“The village’s narrow roads are simply not designed to accommodate vehicles of this size.

“Each day the peace is disturbed by the rumbling of engines at around 4am and this continues into the evening.”

There are specific concerns about the speed the lorries are travelling on the village’s narrow roads, particularly when this coincides with children walking to and from school.

She added: “We have two schools and a play area in the village so there are a lot of children using the pathways and parents are rightly concerned about the speeds the vehicles are travelling.

“Councillor Moon and I are in discussions with the Council to see what action can be taken to alleviate the situation.

“It is unacceptable for a village of Great Barford’s size to be overwhelmed by lorries.”