Making a meal of it at lower school!

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Pupils at a lower school are enjoying hot food again, as a partnership blossoms.

Freshly cooked and prepared lunches are back on the menu at Northill Lower School, as staff work with Edward Peake Middle School under a soft governance federation.

During the last academic year children had to bring in packed lunches after the school’s lunchtime arrangement with another school came to an end abruptly.

Northill Lower headteacher Liz Simpson said: “Before the last academic year we served hot meals but the arrangement we had came to an end fairly suddenly and we didn’t have time to arrange anything else so it was packed lunches for everyone.

“But now Edward Peake is kindly providing meals, which are delivered to us at 11.50am and served at midday.”

Different dishes are served each day and parents can see what their children will be eating online.

Mrs Simpson added: “Eden Foodservice is the firm that provides the meals and we have special themed days.

“They cook roasts on Wednesdays for example and we had one day where they served Spanish food.

“The meals are very popular.”

More than 30 youngsters now have the school meals and more are expected to follow suit.