Mayor’s appeal over dog mess


A mayor has appealed to irresponsible dog owners to clear up after their pets.

Shefford mayor, Councillor Paul Mackin, says a minority of dog walkers are ignoring the mess left by their pets – to the detriment of the rest of the town.

He said: “Most of the dog walkers in Shefford are decent, responsible people who will clear up after their animals, but there is always this small percentage who create problems for everyone else.

“It’s bad enough when it happens in fields and out in the countryside but a lot of this mess is left on pavements in the town centre and around the housing estates.”

The dog mess is an eyesore and could also be dangerous, especially for children, Mr Mackin said.

He added: “Parents will be concerned that their children could come into contact with it.

“Dog mess can cause all sorts of health problems so it is vital that it is cleared up properly.”

Catching the offenders can be problematic though, Mr Mackin added.

He said: “Very often the persistent offenders will walk their dogs late at night or very early in the morning when there is nobody around to see them.

“When you notice the mess that has been left it is too late.”

Mr Mackin is pleased with the work of Central Beds Council’s dog wardens, who he says have shown commitment and dedication in dealing with irresponsible owners.

He said: “The problem became worse recently so I contacted Central Beds late one Friday.

“Then first thing Monday morning the dog wardens were out in the town, which was good to see.

“It can’t be easy when you’re having to deal with people who may not react kindly to an on-the-spot fine.”

For more information about reporting dog fouling see www.centralbedfordshire