Men accused of growing drugs


Two men have appeared in court after cannabis plants were discovered.

Wayne Anthony Geraghty of Northumberland Park in Tottenham, London and another man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared at Bedford Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday (March 25).

Mr Geraghty, 37, has been charged with producing the Class B drug, cannabis. The cannabis was discovered in Sandy on Friday, September 13 last year.

He has also been charged with intent to supply the cannabis on the same date.

The other man has been charged with producing cannabis, with the charge originating from the same day in September and also intent to supply a quantity of cannabis.

Additionally there is an application for the forfeiture of seized cash totalling £6,801.35.

Neither man entered a plea on Tuesday.

The prosecution gave a brief outline of the case. He said: “This case will be most suitable for a crown court. The guide sentence for this kind of case would be 12 months to four years. I think it’s appropriate that they should be on trial.”

The defence did not wish to add anything at this stage.

Both men will be tried together at Luton Crown Court. There will be a preliminary hearing on the morning of Thursday, May 15. In the meantime both men have been given unconditional bail.

The lead magistrate, Colin Osborne, explained the situation to the two men.

He said: “We don’t feel that these cases are suitable for trial here so you will be sent to the crown court.”

A representative of Bedfordshire Police spoke in court regarding the application for the seizure of the cash.

The magistrates agreed that it would be most appropriate to adjourn this aspect of the case until after the other matters have been dealt with in the crown court.

The application was adjourned until Monday, July 28 when it will be discussed at Luton Magistrates Court.