Moving war memorial will cause ‘heartache’

Tempsford War Memorial PNL-140416-113522001
Tempsford War Memorial PNL-140416-113522001

A village’s war memorial could be relocated.

Tempsford Parish Council has been asked to consider moving the memorial, which is currently located in front of the Stuart Memorial Hall.

The plan would include stone masons restoring the memorial, and its relocation to the grassed area adjacent to the new SOE Memorial.

A report says its current location near the A1 makes it difficult to hear services, and fumes and spray from the road are contributing to the dirt and damage on the memorial.

But not everyone is happy about the proposal.

Betty Mardlin, 82, who has lived in the village all her life, wants the memorial to stay where it is.

She said: “This memorial was given to the village by Lady Dugald Stuart who lost her son in the First World War. The hall is named the Stuart Memorial Hall and this memorial stands in front with all the names of the men from Tempsford and Little Barford who didn’t come back.

“This is a terrible thing to happen; that after all these years somebody puts it to the council that they want it removed. It was given to the parish by Lady Stuart who lived in the hall opposite and she could draw her curtains in the morning and look on the war memorial of her son that didn’t come back from the war. This was in 1920. I’m quite prepared to see that it gets cleaned again as well.”

She added: “I want the people of Tesmpford to know what’s going on because there will be much heartache and tears whey they hear about this.”

A ballot to decide whether or not the memorial will be moved it set to take place on April 26 at Tempsford Methodist Chapel, between 9am and noon.